Ruralnet - What we have here is a failure to communicate!

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments
Not resolved

Our internet access service is acceptable at best. When it is not at its best it isn't worth using at all due to the repeated drop connections, that sometimes can go on for hours. (No online banking, using email, downloading anything, online shopping, etc, whenever the service is compromised.)

I have emailed twice to complain about the service and have NEVER received a reply. This company is so bad they can't even keep up their own website. You can find them on Google, but you will never find their homepage. If it wasn't for obtaining an email address as a result of their automated billing, I wouldn't know how to contact them using the computer. The only person who ever answers the single phone number every provided is a technican and all he says is that he doesn't know what the problem is and will tell someone else.

In my most recent email I have made it clear that unless I receive a reply and/or satisfactory service, I will take my business elsewhere. It have been five business days now and no reply.

Review about: Isp.

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